Aim of Life and Our Survival Instinct

What is the aim of life? Love? Worship? Nothing?

Life is only about surviving. All our trues and false, beliefs and faiths take shape from that fact. Every species have two major aim:
1) Survive as an individual
2) Survive as a group (kind)

Let me clarify these with examples:
1) our body stock much more food than we may ever need – Surviving Instinct
2) Love, Sex – Surviving (as a group) Instinct

Surviving instincts affect our morality definitions. For example if you watched Hunger Games movies, people try to kill others in order to survive. And nobody in earth would define them as a bad person because they tried to survive themselves. Even if they kill people, we do not take that as a unmoral thing! Why? Because of our survival instincts.. In order to maximise our chance of survival, our instincts force us to behave and think selfish. This common sense helps us to define ground rules for integrity. Even though morality and truth are wide subjective concepts, every single person in earth accept those ground rules.

Did you watched Interstellar? People try to create colonies in different planets. Why? Why is it so important to let the life of human continue? Why is it too bad to see the end of life? The answer is Survival instincts..


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