Does Universe/Time have a starting point? Is creation a starting point?

Not everything has to have a starting point. All religions claim that there is a creation  (of the universe) from God/Gods and all the human kind evolve afterwards. If you ask believers about that, they will tell the universe (or time) cannot be made on its own and has to have a starting point which is the creation. However, as far as we know there is no initial time and the universe always exists. Expansion of the universe does not imply that it has to expand from a point in the very beginning of everything.

Does there really have to be a beginning for everything? 

Does circles have an initial point? Does real line (the number system) have an initial point? They don’t! So, why should universe have to have a beginning? Can’t it just exist regardless of time? If God exists, we say that it exists regardless of time. It has no beginning nor end. Why cannot we claim the same for the universe itself? Why does it have to depend on time? If it has a cycle, just like a circle does, then universe would change the material through time in an infinite loop of time and that would conflict with the idea of beginning of everything!

I don’t say creation is a lie or vice versa. What I claim is, even though there would be a creation, this still is not enough to prove there is a beginning of everything..


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