Lie Detector – What eyes tells us?

What would you ask for if you had a wish. One of the answers to this question was that ‘I wanted to read people’s minds’. The reason is simple:

  1. Wonder about what others think
  2. Curiosity – Am I being lied to or not

A method to know what we others think is not yet known in today’s technology. But it is possible to find out from his/her behaviors and actions that he/she is lying or not. There are very serious researches on this subject. Especially when we think of human being as being in the influence of their hormones, we can examine the notion of honesty by examining their body language.

In this article we will only mention the clues given by our eyes and a bonus method about lies. Because body language is a science in itself and it is quite a lot to write in a blog post to address all areas in this regard!

Poker players and experienced lairs use their body language in the best way to hide their lies. But usually there is a clue that they do not even know! Our eyes …

Eyes Don’t Lie!

While our eyes take pictures / images etc. and transfer these data into our brain, it is processed differently for each distinct job. In other words, for an action that requires visual thinking, our eyes focus on different direction for an action related to voice thinking. This is happening without even we are realizing it.. Let’s talk briefly about these facts..

While someone’s eye looks to the left, it conveys information to the imagination and dreaming functions of the brain. So if the person is looking to the left (to his / her right), it means that he/she is dreaming of something. If it is looking to the right, it is related to the memory center and it shows that the person is trying to remember something. So, when you ask your friend a question about the past and he/she is looking to his/her left rather than to right, it means that the brain has used the imagining center instead of recalling. In other words, your friend is lying!

In more detail, we have shown which brain function works for which direction in the following diagram. Although it is indeed more accurate to interpret an entire body language, it is possible to get a quick result by looking at the eyes itself! Of course, there is an important remark we should mention. If the person we are facing is left-handed, these mechanisms may be working reverse..

Lie Detector

For more detailed information, I suggest the following video: Spot a Liar

Bonus Method:

Although this method is not ethically correct, it is a method that has no margin of error compared to other methods and gives a hundred percent correct result when applied properly. My personal thought is not to use it, yet I share it just for information..

We are under the influence of our hormones and hormones and feelings are closely related to each other. Even if someone try changing his/her body movements, it can not affect the release of the hormones. The effects of hormones occur mostly in the unexpected events / reactions. Using this you can analyze very well how a person thinks. This will help you to spot all that person’s lies. How Does?

First of all, let’s suppose you know the person you talking before and have some friendship or whatsoever with him/her. Find a claim that this person is not going to like to be accused, and that will humiliate him/her. It is very important whether this claim is reasonable and is not true. In fact, you should show that you really believe that you are referring to this claim and you should now that it is not correct… If possible, choose a big accusation so that you can observe his/her behaviors more easily. Later, during a normal conversation on a normal day present this accusation. Indicate precisely that you believe in this assertion with supporting arguments. Watch the reaction well. Especially the first reaction of his/her.. For example, how big is his/her eyes. Where is he/she looking? Does the cheeks blush? Etc. Because the accusation you make is big, the reaction will be harsh and it will offer you a perfect observation. Then close the discussion with an apology without causing serious problems. Another important point is that you should not lose your friends with your false accusations while you observe your friend! This is the detail you should handle yourself … Bingo! Now you solve your friend’s movements. After that, every time a lie is told, the body will unwillingly give the same reaction. With observations you made, you know how he will react when he is right and how he will behave in the false accusations against him. Therefore, you can now understand when your friend is lying! It does not matter whether you made any observations from your accusations or not. Because your consciousness will code his movements and behaviours to your brain, when he lies to you, your consciousness will make you feel uncomfortable with that so that you can understand he/she is lying! In fact, that is why it is impossible for children to lie against their families, for instance.


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